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The 1942 Invasion of America

Aside from frequent retellings in alternative history novels, science fiction films and the imaginings of video game studios, the invasion of the United States by Axis forces is consigned to the musings of armchair tacticians and history enthusiast alike, pondering the question, ‘what if?’ Following an attack on Pearl Harbour, an issue of Life magazine from 2 March 1942 sketched out a theoretical strategy for the annexation of North America.

The plans were compiled in six stages, beginning with Plan One and the attack on the US Navy:

Plan Two imagined the invasion of the West Coast of the United States by the Japanese, spring-boarded following Pearl Harbour:

Plan Three sees the Japanese army pushing through the Panama Canal, up through Mexico and into the southern United States:

Plan Four combines the respective naval strengths in the Axis fleets to invade mainland USA via the Mississippi River:

Plan Five escalates the invasion of the United States further by invading through Norfolk, Virginia:

Plan Six has the final steps of invasion through Canada via the St. Lawrence and Hudson Valleys:


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