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One small goose-step for man; did Hitler land on the Moon?

Conspiracy theorists worldwide have theorised many outlandish and, frankly, absurd hypotheses concerning the National Socialist regime, both during World War Two and afterwards. One of the more strange, stranger even than a secret Nazi base on Antarctica (see previous post), is that Hitler could have landed himself on the Moon.

Following the end of hostilities, the fate of Adolf Hitler has been of much debate by both historians and conspiracy theorists. Theories range from that of his escape to South America, the Antarctic continent and, even, as far away as outer space.

Proponents of this theory state that the Nazi had the capabilities to build aircraft which could reach space. Indeed, Nick Cook, an aeronautical expert and the writer of The Hunt for Zero Point, cautions critics, “It would be a mistake to disregard the research in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s just because it was done in the Third Reich.” Fedden reiterates still further, saying, “I have seen enough of their [German] designs and production plans to realize that if they had managed to prolong the war some months longer, we would have been confronted with a set of entirely new and deadly developments in air warfare.”

Conspiracy theorists state that, apart from Hitler’s disappearance, there are high profile Nazi figures that disappeared, including their wealth and military equipment – including those submarines not sunk, captured or surrender. Indeed, it is believed that these same submarines escaped to apparent Antarctic bases, and thus providing the means and base from which to travel to the Moon. Apparently.

A lunar base would certainly have been seen as advantageous to the regime. Indeed, it would “exploit military high ground,” according to Fedden. The other global superpowers would be confined to the earth, while the Nazis could mine the abundant minerals on the moon and build military dominance. Moreover, certain conspiracy theorists even insist that the reason for NASA’s cancelation of the Apollo program was orchestrated so as to prevent confrontation with Nazi lunar colonists. Lunacy you might argue!



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