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New photographs of the Pentagon 9/11 Attack released by the FBI

New, previously unseen photographs of the Pentagon in the wake of the 9/11 Terror Attacks have been released today by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to illustrate the extraordinary scale of destruction wrought by the terrorist hijackers.

These unreleased images provide further insight of the damages caused when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed headlong into the military and national defence complex on 11 September 2001, killing 184 people at the site, together with the 59 passengers and crew on board and the 5 terrorists themselves.

FBI agents and firefighters are caught on camera in complete shock and exhaustion as they battled to quell the fires and come to terms with an attack unprecedented in US history. 

The photos also depict pieces of fuselage and aircraft debris in varying scales of size and damage, together with the twisted and distorted remnants of building walls, steel girders and office equipment melted and destroyed by the intense heat of the ensuing inferno.

All copyrighted material used in this article or cited by this website is the property of their respective owners and in no way accepts any responsibility for an infringement on one of the above.
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